Old Design things

Walked on campus today, saw a design I made 4 years ago is still being used by the UW dawg days community.


A Deserving Ending


GOT S8E  was disappointing to me because its staying true to the show. BUT I also liked it. It’s not following a Marvel ending or a Lord of The Rings ending. It stayed true to realistic nature of each character, even down to their houses. Starks are a very honorable house, and that is and will always be there downfall. A yes man, will always be taken advantage of by powerful and corrupt people. There was no situation in the Stark family for them to learn other wise. They never learned to listen their people and make sacrificial choices for their people.

The Lannister’s were crazy because of family. Because they knew in a world of corrupt and power, family is the only thing that survives, even when you die. Tywin the father has always tried to teach that to his kids and it stuck. Even when they just didn’t know it. It was about legacy and that lead to their downfall. When death stares you in the eye, you default always to what you know gave you life. Rewatch Jamie and Tyrion scene. Jamie started death in the face and wanted to go back to Cerci “life”. Tyrion starred death in the face and went to Jamie to free him because that Jamie brought Tyrion “life” Tyrion knew death near.

Danny was brought up to be less human her whole character arch. Since her very first scene, Viserys asked her to be “perfect” told her to be sell able and less human. When she took that bath, she already began to decent into madness. Her destroying Kings landing wasn’t out of the ordinary when it comes to action. She did the same shit when she nailed the slave owners. The action was just as horrific but this is what the show is good at.

This show puts you in you human perspective. Her actions was a massacre in slavers bay and at kingslanding  

Her intention for burning kings-landing was  her impulsive draw towards freedom and the only thing left in life that gives her “life” is thar freeodom. This is what the show does really well at. She looked at what her whole life was about, and everything that made her feel alittle human was taken away and that little piece of human she had left was anger. Her hope of redemption is gaining something that made her feel human again. Jon was that hope he denied her that because of honor. She didn’t have anything else to love, or to be love.

She had that “what did it cost.... everything moment” and the only human left  in her was rage. That was the only thing that gave her “life” All the human emotions of love and compassion died with her. And the final death of love was jon denying her.

I think Jon snow will sit on the honor thrown for a bitter sweet ending, because he will be sitting alone, everything that gave him life will also be gone. And be is going to have to kill Danny. 

Its ending in a realistic way a show should end about human corruption and power. And it’s disappointing because as a television, a “Hollywood show” everyone wants the redemption story, every wants the “happy ending” of that specific genera. That isn’t how life is.

Everyone wants that emotionally quick satisfying ending. But this is the ending it’s set itself up for and I think it deserves it and I think it will be famous for it. A bitter sweet ending, an ending with how life really is.

It’s the ending of infinity war and not doing end game. 


Its a song of ice and fire. It has a beginning, middle and end. 

This is the end.



We all have them.

As much as anyone can’t admit, we all have fears and anxiety in anything we do. Big or small they can become little monsters insides crawling and scratching trying to find a way to reveal itself. This was the first conversation I had with Shaheer, when brainstorming different ideas with this music video.

This was a passion project for both us, but we respect the craft of creating and didn’t want to compromise our creative process as we developed our concept. I invite Shaheer into early stages of creative process so that he can unleash that monster inside and tam it while he performed.

UW Menu Experiment


Currently brainstorming a new menu experience for the University of Washington’s Website. Here is a small work in progress showing the user interaction with Adobe XD and Photoshop.

Timing Is Everything


It was around 4:30 pm during a Seattle afternoon. My friend Randy and I just walked from West Lake Center to Freeway Park. A small concrete haven hidden in the heart of downtown Seattle. As we climb up a couple of stairs, the sound of cars on the freeway begins to clash with the sound of running water. We reached Freeway park, the sound of water louder than our regular voice. We absorb this place and come to find a lot of small things are happening. This one, in particular, jumped out to me, just as fast as it disappeared.

A homeless man feeding a Seagull behind a concrete staircase.

I barely saw the staircase when we reached the park. At the corner of my eye, I saw this hand come out of a gray concrete grid. It was so quick, I had no time to think, I can only just take a snap. 

There is something very interesting about this park being so gray and cold, and the small sign of life, a seagull and another a homeless man seek to interact with each other.

Timing is everything. Timing moves at different speeds. As I rush for a photo, this man gracefully feeds a Seagull, as the sounds of the freeway fill the atmosphere, the Seagull waits patiently for an for food.

Timing is everything.



 "Allow yourself the freedom to step away from perfection because it is only then that you can find success." - Chase Jarvis