Designed for campus wide

Setting the standard for campus wide digital products

The University of Washington has many independent schools and departments. As central marketing our main business goal was to find these groups and help them align with our brand.

As a lead designer I was tasked with designing the digital web standards for UW and create an easier process for campus to adopted a consistent look online.

Here is what i did:
Work with developers to audit inconsistent components
Breakdown collection of components in a an Atomic Design philosophy
Work with both front-end and back-end Developers
Design library in adobe XD
Modules protypes


Making web modules easy

While working closely with the dev team for the UW community we had to make a visually easier way for none designers to design websites.
We decided to use Adobe XD and all the collaborative tools built in.

Here is the working file with adobe XD, that development team used as a reference.

Adobe XD Design Specs


Thanks for watching!