About Me


Hi I’m Bradley

I’m an art director & lead designer with a little bit of a music nerd sprinkled on top. I have designed digital and print experiences, some pioneering in higher education and some award winning in design.

As a Designer at University of Washington (UW), I helped rebrand the core elements at the University of Washington, art direct the UW’s Admissions print materials and design execute UW’s Be Boundless campaign. (Check out their Be Boundless (:30) commercial. I’m in it, Hi Mom!)

Currently as a Lead Designer at the UW, I redesigned the Admissions website from the ground up while developing a process for website creations in my department. (Higher educations is not as nimble when creating websites.) This process included a stronger collaboration with the marketing strategy team, web content strategy team, creative team, developers and external partners when needed. I have also designed and art director varies UW’s Marketing events such as, Rose Bowl’s Purple Reign Tailgate, Fiesta Bowl, and W-Day.

With my background crossing multiple platforms, I freelanced for HyreCulture, LLC as an offsite Design Director. This included building a brand and educating the CEO with how design drives successful products. I created their logo, brand guidelines, user journeys, wireframes, prototypes, user interface, and mentor their design interns.

My passion for the creating lead me to starting One Secret Mission, LLC a small faith based social media brand and creative studio. This is where I work really close with different clients and create brand playbooks, pitch decks, speaking presentations, websites, videos and photos.

When I’m not designing, I’m taking photos adding them to my instagram, having a beer with good company, and once in a while disc jockeying my way through 90’s hip hop.

I believe in good music, clean designs and delightful experiences are the start of the stars aligning. Once you have that, anything can happen.