One Secret Mission, LLC (OSM) is a creative culture studio I founded. OSM offers free photos, design services, and unique social media presence to help shift Church culture. My vision is to bridge the gap of communication through beauty.


I started OSM because I saw different churches struggling to grasp this era of technology and design.
With their websites barely working, images being barely defined as mediocre and design, just cheesy and not user friendly.
I asked myself, “how will the church survive through this generation?”

I believed that the church used to be the pioneer of beauty, and to start a culture shift, I need to show that beauty again.

Here’s how I did it:
Connected Photographers around the world to supply photos
Lead with good design client facing and internal
Focus on Social Media excellence

Become world recognized within 24 hours of launch.
First photos submission crossed the world Iceland to Brazil
Top 10 Instagrams to follow from Internationally know ProjectYM




Our Photo library is recognized world wide.

This has become a community where photographers who have the same passion,
come together and collaborate in showing the world how beautiful the church still is.

Here is a small sample.



MERCH Store “Friday Goods” Campaign

Once a year OSM does a huge social media campaign promoting our new merchandise.
Here is just a small sample of everything created. I began this whole process with a creative deck explaining my vision.


Video Work

OSM’s clients always looked for videos to tell their story. Here’s it a small sample of my video work.




Thanks for watching!