Building a Hyreculture

A fresh perspective on an old traditional hiring system

As the Design Director for Hyreculture, I developed the full visual story for this new aged thinking.
Hyreculture was searching to change the hiring process by aligning employee goals with companies with mutual values.
I was tasked with building the full brand and art direction of Hyreculture.

This included:
Brand guidelines
Marketing pillars
UI/UX design

CORE Process

CoreProcess-GraphicsArtboard 1.jpg

My process at its core begins with these 4 elements:

Listen - Research - Concept - Refine

repeat as needed

I began with Hyreculture by listening closely and often to the client. I continuously searched for feedback and also guided my client in better decision making.
We found ourselves conversing like friends over beers and the goals for Hyreculture.

During those stages both the founder and I were
communicating constantly on what the visual story and business goals were.

While I continued to do research, I always asked

“what would make us different to users?”

“What will make us more human and appealing to the next generation?”



I aimed for the logo to speak a modern language with a subtle human tone. The symbolic abstract door was a nod to the doors we hoped to open.


The Brand of Hyreculture

The traditional systems for students and recent college grads seeking employment can feel stressful, time-consuming, and impersonal. For employers, this process is also risky and expensive.
— Garrett Estoque Hopper // CEO & Founder

This quote to the right was the core building block with how I wanted to build the visuals. I wanted Hyreculture to stand for something, highlight that we are all human, and are individuals that can do amazing things. We wanted to build culture, create a real ladder to climb and shape a meaningful future.


Thinking Color

Unlike any other hiring agency, Hyreculture’s color palette was dedicated towards highlighting human in a concrete jungle. With mainly a muted color palette like a city, the gold represent the human element in all of us, the little piece that makes us gold.

Our photos give life to our messages and allow us to build emotional connections with our audience. They also capture attention, inspire, and personify the HyreCulture brand.
— Garrett Estoque Hopper // CEO & Founder

HUman Photos

Humanity of each picture breathes the higher culture we aimed for. Human first, the corky, the weird, the nerdy.

Our Photography had four elements.

Authentic - Innovative - Human - Animated


Branding _ Hero Image 06.png

Bringing the brand to life

The way we communicate is the most direct way for us to convey our values, positioning, and mission to the population. This is characterized through the way we write, speak, and communicate.

Early concepts



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