Timing Is Everything


It was around 4:30 pm during a Seattle afternoon. My friend Randy and I just walked from West Lake Center to Freeway Park. A small concrete haven hidden in the heart of downtown Seattle. As we climb up a couple of stairs, the sound of cars on the freeway begins to clash with the sound of running water. We reached Freeway park, the sound of water louder than our regular voice. We absorb this place and come to find a lot of small things are happening. This one, in particular, jumped out to me, just as fast as it disappeared.

A homeless man feeding a Seagull behind a concrete staircase.

I barely saw the staircase when we reached the park. At the corner of my eye, I saw this hand come out of a gray concrete grid. It was so quick, I had no time to think, I can only just take a snap. 

There is something very interesting about this park being so gray and cold, and the small sign of life, a seagull and another a homeless man seek to interact with each other.

Timing is everything. Timing moves at different speeds. As I rush for a photo, this man gracefully feeds a Seagull, as the sounds of the freeway fill the atmosphere, the Seagull waits patiently for an for food.

Timing is everything.