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Admitting UW’s largest freshmen class is 157 years.


As lead designer on UW’s Creative Team, I had the opportunity to redesign UW’s undergraduate website, from the ground up.

This project had a unique set of challenges, it required a balance between two different departments and two different dev teams.

I also had to create a brand new project road map for this specific project because UW’s Marketing has never overhauled a partners website.

This project included:
Road Mapping
User Research
User Experience Design
User Interface


Road map & Process


My Process began with 4 main pillars
Game planning – Research & Listen – Design Solutions – Modularize

Each phase was a completely new perspective for solutions that my department relied on me to lead.


Game plan

With such a massive redesign, I had to tackle each experience with the end user in mind.

Solving Menu foundations

Thinking about the user first was a huge culture shift in our department and the way the creative team designed solutions. Bradley was the one that set that in motion and has always been the champion of the user.
— Lauren // Associate Director, Creative

I started off the project by gathering research and feedback. I, along with two interns and a web strategist, set up a high school visit to gather initial feedback on the old site. We conducted a User experience journey test. After users experienced multiple roads, the Menu was the one that stuck above the crowd. It was confusing and unclear for users to accomplish their tasks.

As the product designer, I made sure to do low fidelity testing when designing solutions towards the menu. After creating a prototype in Adobe Xd, I made sure to do rapid UX testing and get all the partners involved in testing as well.


Listen often

After each design solve, I ensured to check with the user experience and listen their journey through this process.




Once the foundation was set, it was time to create visual rich prototypes solutions for all partners and stakeholders.

Balancing two Dev Teams as a designer

The modules helped us solve three problems at once: leverage existing styles while making it look modern and fresh, creating a streamlined backend editing experience, and creating a high impact user experience. The design was key to making it all work.
— Lauren C // Web Development Lead

While creating each piece of the site, I worked closely with the Dev team about how we can package pieces of the site as clean as possible. We collaborated on a modular system that would be easy to maintain between both dev teams.

This modularized system help set standards for campus wide websites to grow and be prepared for future experiences.

Bradley is great at taking an idea and turning it into a beautiful design. His research into the audience, understanding their needs, wants and behaviors, allowed us to create a wonderfully dynamic website.
— Jocelyn // Senior Associate Director of Admissions


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